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Assisting today's church in reaching today's world with the gospel of Jesus Christ...Through contextual evangelism, church planting and indigenous leadership development. Eric Ramsey, TCWM President

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Grateful for more than 600 professions of faith in Peru

Monday, August 17, 2015

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This month, 52 mission volunteers, divided into 7 teams, saw more than 600 individuals profess faith in Jesus Christ. Tito Sevilla, the TCWM missions coordinator in Peru, said that he believes this the most effective team he has seen over the past 17 years that TCWM has been sending volunteer teams to the country.

“Although there have been times that we have seen more than twice this number of professions of faith, with half the number of team members, I have to agree with Tito,” said Eric Ramsey, TCWM president. “There are many more very tangible measurables than just professions of faith — both physical and spiritual.” Ramsey explained that the team “operated like a well-oiled machine” and “consistently and faithfully communicated the love of Jesus Christ through their words, attitude and actions.”

For the past four years, one of the teams, made up of volunteers from First Baptist Church of North Augusta, South Carolina, has been sponsoring a new church start in the city of Chepen. The work has been more difficult than originally anticipated. But, this month the team was greatly encouraged by the recent progress. “We could sense the presence of God and a new sense of life among the people,” said Chepen team leader, Chris Burns. “God is at work — I’m very encouraged!” he exclaimed

Lisa Scroggins, from First Baptist Church of Van Buren, Arkansas, spent most of her time teaching women (many who are or have been prostitutes) to sew. The women learned to make baskets, pillow cases, dolls and other items which can be made in large quantities and sold to help them earn a living. Each of the women heard the gospel multiple times and some made professions of faith. “This project changed my life,” Lisa said through tears of joy, “These women and God changed my life forever.”

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