In 2007, TCWM began encouraging a new type of Christmas giving – but, it’s not just for Christmas.

The TCWM Christmas Idea List is full of unique and exciting gifts, which when given, can change a life, family, or community forever. Besides, they are lots of fun to purchase. After all, when is the last time you purchased a goat for Christmas; or how about a solar powered audio Bible?

Would you please prayerfully peruse this catalog and consider giving one of more of these much needed gifts to a man, woman, boy, girl, or church? A water well, given to a church, will be utilized by an entire village; and serve as a powerful tool to share the Living Water (Jesus Christ) with thousands. A one-day supply of medical supplies for a TCWM Mobile Medical Clinic will treat 250 to 300 patients. Of the 10 thousand patients seen in last year’s clinics, 2 thousand made professions of faith in Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your generosity! May God bless you as you bless Him by blessing others. Suggested gifts are listed below

If you are giving for a specific reason, after you complete the credit card and information screen, you will be taken to a screen where you can review your information and transaction amount. On that screen, there is a box that says,"Special Instructions to the seller." Please write the purpose or person you wish your giving to be used for in that box. Thank you!

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Goats for Widows


ID Code: CC09001
Each goat will produce four kids per year, which the widow sells to provide financial needs for her and her family.


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Bicycle for Pastor


ID Code: CC09004
A new bicycle can enable a pastor in India and Uganda to do five times the amount of evangelism and pastoral ministries in a day as he travels from village to village, and hut to hut.


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Motorcycle for Pastor

Provide a motorcycle for a pastor to travel in Uganda. Enable him to reach more people as he travels.


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Pastor Education: Tom Cox Leadership Training Center


ID Code: CC09005
Tom Cox Leadership Training Center: The vast majority of our indigenous pastors have no formal theological training. TCWM have facilities which enable new pastors to receive pastoral training in biblical studies, ministry, church planting, discipleship, church history, and other areas of study. Your gift provides funds for a pastor to attend Bible School. Choose monthly or annually.

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Books for Seminary


ID Code: CC09032
Books for seminary students, in their own language, are necessary to provide the best possible education. A gift of new study materials can change a pastor’s life enabling him to better prepare for the ministry to which God has called him — impacting countless others for eternity.


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Sewing Machine


ID Code: CC9010
One sewing machine will provide the necessary means for a family in Uganda or Peru to help them make a living.

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Construct a Church Building


ID Code: CC0901
With many new believers coming to Christ, there is an urgent and ever growing need for buildings to shelter congregations from the weather and anti-Christian forces. A church building in India can be built for as little as $3,500, Uganda $5,000 or Peru $25,000. The gift of a church building will impact believers for generations, and communicate long-term stability and legitimization to the community. Please choose India, Uganda or Peru below.

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Bibles for Believers


ID Code: CC09014
Reading the Bible in one’s own language is a true gift. Will you provide the means for new believers, pastors or church members to have a Bible in his or her own language? Please choose India, Uganda or Peru below.

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Church Planter Sponsorship


ID Code: CC09021
Through the work of TCWM, churches are being started throughout the world by indigenous church planters. These men are planting churches that will go and plant more churches. Support a pastor and his family as they work diligently to expand the kingdom of God. A donation of $50 to $100 would cover a pastor's expenses for one month. A donation of $600 to $1200 would cover a pastor's expenses for one year.

Senior Adult Sponsorship


ID Code: CC09024
In India, a senior adult with no family usually has no financial income; and therefore, no food or shelter. In 1989, TCWM opened a facility for these senior adults, providing a comfortable bed, nutritious meals, and pastoral care. Provide the means for a destitute senior adult to live in this loving, safe, Christian environment. Please choose monthly or annually below.

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Medicine for Mobile Clinic


ID Code: CC09026
More than 50 thousand patients per year are treated in TCWM mobile medical clinics. Roughly 20% of those treated make a profession of faith in Christ, and receive follow-up from a local pastor. Your gift will provide one-day of medicine for a mobile clinic


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Construct a Well


ID Code: CC09027
Share the love of Jesus by providing a water well for up to three villages. In many villages, people will walk for miles to retrieve clean water for their families. Water in closer proximity helps with the wellness of the entire village. The water will also help grow crops to provide a more steady income.


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MegaVoice Bible


ID Code: CC09028
The Solar Powered MegaVoice Ambassador New Testament is wonderful Christmas gift for those in India, Peru or Uganda. In distant jungles, remote mountain villages, and isolated locations at the ends of the earth, thousands are hearing God’s Word and coming to faith in Christ through this remarkable electronic solar-powered audio Bible, in their own language! Please choose India, Peru or Uganda.

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Uniforms for Children


ID Code: CC09030
New uniforms for the orphanage/boarding school children would be a great Christmas blessing. Many of these children have no other clothing. New uniforms boost morale and create a sense of pride and unity. Fifteen dollars will purchase one uniform for a student.


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It is through you that Tom Cox World Ministries is able to touch thousands of lives each year. Thank you so much for your financial gift!