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TCWM has been in 123 countries around the world. Each year, we take the gospel many different places, supporting the ongoing work of different groups of churches and/or missionaries. But, there are a handful of places where we have ongoing work – actually operating the infrastructure and leading the strategy.

Peru | India | Uganda | Kenya


Since 1997, TCWM has been heavily engaged in Peru. In 2000, TCWM reopened the Peruvian Baptist Theological Seminary in Trujillo. The seminary was founded in 1958 by the Foreign Mission Board (now International Mission Board) of the Southern Baptist Convention. The seminary recently saw the largest graduating class in its history; and currently has students from Peru, Chile, and Ecuador.

The beautiful facility also serves as a mission mobilization center for TCWM. Each year, TCWM sends 70 to 80 mission volunteers to conduct evangelism, community outreach, and church planting activities. These activities range from medical, optometry, and dental clinics to kids’ Bible clubs, fine arts performances, and evangelistic services.

Currently, churches are being started in the cities of Trujillo, Huamachuco, Chepen, Huánuco, as well as several barrios (small outlying communities). TCWM believes the best way to plant indigenous reproducing churches is through equipping, coaching, and multiplying indigenous (in this case, Peruvian) church planters. Our mission volunteers serve in a catalytic, encouraging, equipping, and gathering role to assist Peruvian church planters, pastors, and church leaders.


In 1981 TCWM began taking the gospel to India. Since that time, TCWM mission teams have seen more than 200 thousand professions of faith, and assisted in the planting of hundreds of churches. One of the primary strategies for transforming the culture with the gospel is orphanages/boarding schools. TCWM currently has four such facilities in Central India, providing education, room and board, a safe environment, and spiritual discipleship for more than 500 students. These students are graduating and becoming Christian parents, business persons, community leaders, doctors, dentists, educators, and pastors.

TCWM mobilizes 50 to 90 mission volunteers per year to conduct medical, dental and optometry clinics, kids’ Bible clubs, direct evangelism in tribal villages, and theological education. These activities serve as catalysts and venues for evangelism, church planting, coaching, and equipping indigenous leadership.

Ongoing evangelism and church planting efforts also include significant community development projects, health education, senior assisted living facilities, and most recently a seminary for equipping the next generation of pastors and church planters.


Uganda is perhaps the fastest growing of all the TCWM fields. Each year thousands are coming to faith in Jesus Christ and countless churches are being started. Hugh & Millie Roberts, TCWM trustees and long-time mission partners, began leading this work several years ago. It continues to grow exponentially. The work includes an orphanage/boarding school facility with more than 200 students, a pastoral training program, a church planting network, a trade training program, and more.

TCWM mobilizes only 10 to 15 mission volunteers to Uganda each year. It is time to begin mobilizing many more. Would you prayerfully consider joining our annual Uganda team? Team members conduct assemblies in the public schools, staff mobile medical clinics, lead mass-evangelism events, train pastors and church planters, and one-on-one share the gospel with thousands.


TCWM began working in Kenya in 1999, with the Kenyan Baptist Convention, and a network of pastors in Eastern and Northern Kenya. TCWM facilitated the establishment of a boarding school / orphanage, Christian Women’s Support System (assisting Muslim background women with local church connection, discipleship, physical and social protection, and home reestablishment), and planting multiplying churches. Over the past several years, this work has grown to be nearly self-supporting. TCWM ministry partners are continuing to support a limited number of children in the orphanage / boarding school.

Today, the mobilization of TCWM volunteers to Kenya is led by Marc Burnett, working with indigenous pastors and church planters to engage unreached people groups with the gospel. Though much of Kenya has heard the message of Jesus Christ, there are many tribal groups who have no knowledge of the Savior.

TCWM has been involved in Kenya for more than a decade. Much of the work established by TCWM has become self-supporting. Now, TCWM’s engagement in Kenya is with indigenous pastors, assisting them in taking the gospel and planting churches among the unreached and unengaged people groups of Kenya.